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Wesbell adheres to rigorous ISO practices in order to make on-going improvements to general and customer specific operating procedures.  By documenting these procedures and communicating them to our employees, Wesbell is able to monitor performance through the use of various performance measurement benchmarks, KPI’s and SLO’s.  These indicators guide the Wesbell team to diagnose the necessary changes and allow Wesbell to implement corrective action as required.  Wesbell focuses on the following practices:

1) Operational Efficiency
– Wesbell continuously reviews and updates its processes to ensure that it effectively meets and exceeds customer requirements

2) Service Performance
– Wesbell measures its service performance and KPI’s by analyzing reports on such factors as; on time, accurate and damage-free delivery

3) Customer Satisfaction
– Wesbell meets regularly with its customers to review how well its services are meeting customer requirements. In these meetings, Wesbell and the customer work together and explore areas of opportunity to improve the services through cost reduction, value-add services and increased efficiency

At Wesbell, we recognize that there is always room to improve our processes to achieve superior customer satisfaction and as a result, our skilled professionals are trained to look beyond traditional solutions and think ‘outside the box’ to deliver complete and innovative concepts.  Wesbell consistently reviews, refines and perfects its programs to remain at the forefront of the logistics industry.