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Tower & Steel Fabrication

Whatever the industry sector or site location, Wesbell provides creative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions for all your tower needs.

Our plant designs and manufactures a multitude of tower configurations:

  • All-weld Self Support and Guyed Towers, Knock Down Self Support and Guyed Towers, Lattice Leg Knock Down, Monopoles, Tri-Pole Towers and Mobile solutions.
  • We also provide solutions for Rooftop and Antenna Mounts, Waveguide Bridges, Ice Guards, Platforms, retrofit additions and extensions or whatever your requirements our we can create a solution for you.
  • All towers are galvanized, however, we also provide
    in-house painting capabilities.
  • Tower and Obstruction lighting solutions.

Our plant is CWB Class 1 Welding facility and our tower solutions cover all industries.