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Wesbell is devoted to maintaining and safe-guarding our natural environment. With mounting public awareness and increasing demand for producer responsibility, the task of disposing of unwanted e-scrap can be challenging. Wesbell has a team of highly trained professionals and an Environmental Management System in place to properly dispose of unwanted assets.

By recycling surplus and obsolete materials into reusable commodities, Wesbell can reduce the demand on our precious natural resources by offering the reprocessed materials as substitutes for virgin manufacturing materials.

Wesbell allows our clients to safely dispose of unwanted assets while maintaining compliance with stringent legislation, thereby maximizing the value of residual commodities, eliminating the risk associated with e-waste and providing responsible environmental stewardship.

Key Aspects:

  • Wesbell separates all materials accurately to maximize revenue return
  • Wesbell audits and insures our downstream recycling vendors
  • All materials are handled in accordance with municipal, provincial/state and federal¬†legislation
  • Wesbell has a ZERO landfill policy
  • ISO 14001 registered Environmental Management System
  • Pollution impairment liability insurance to protect our clients.
  • Precious metal recovery process to generate substantial revenue from e-scrap
  • Wesbell does not export e-waste nor employ the services of downstream recycling vendors in non-OECD nations