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Wesbell’s team of experts receive, track, store and ship products throughout North America on a daily basis. Prompt, dependable service combined with creative flexibility is what differentiates Wesbell’s Forward and Reverse Logistics solutions from the rest of the pack.

Wesbell’s premier warehouse locations across Canada and the US pay specific attention to detail and security. With over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space and strategic stocking locations available, Wesbell is ready to address your logistics requirements. Our facilities are designed for data and telecommunication technology storage and feature anti-static floor sealers, fully grounded racking and storage bins and personnel that are trained in proper ESD handling procedures.

Wesbell provides its customers with an e-business solution to monitor inventory levels, outstanding invoices and backorders. Wesbell can also provide a Contract Manager specifically assigned to individual projects so that our customers have peace of mind knowing that their individual issues will be addressed with a single point of contact.  Above all, a trained Wesbell representative is available to address any after-hours issues and emergencies – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Benefits:

  • Access to view inventory any time through a secure page on the Wesbell website
  • Adequate capacity to meet your storage requirements
  • Customizable 3PL programs
  • Customizable Reverse logistics programs
  • Order fulfillment
  • Specialized, dedicated project management and logistics
  • Store and refurbishment for asset redeployment

Let Wesbell help you reach your goals.  Call 1.888.WESBELL or email info@wesbell.com to arrange an individual consultation with a specialized technician.