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Wesbell offers full removal and asset recovery of equipment to a wide range of industries, including telecommunications and technology, private networks, and public utilities.

Wesbell’s Customer Satisfaction Survey confirms 100% fulfillment, with all jobs completed ahead of schedule and without service interruptions. We provide quality services and work as a silent partner with experienced professionals. Every Wesbell technician possesses substantial removal experience, including central office equipment removals.

Your Benefits:

  • 100% fulfillment, all equipment removed on time
  • No service interruptions
  • Experienced professionals
  • Industry expertise with all telecommunications equipment

With the pace of change in today’s marketplace, the task of upgrading disparate network elements can be daunting.  To ease the transition and simplify the removal of surplus or outdated network elements, Wesbell has created teams specialized in removing systems to make room for the next generation of equipment.  Whether it is whole buildings or removing a single element from a large infrastructure, Wesbell can tackle the job with the same efficiency and quality you would expect from the market leader at a lower cost.

Services include:

  • Cable Mining
  • Battery Removal
  • Power Plant Removal
  • Switching Equipment
  • Project Management
  • ISO 14001 Compliant EMS
  • Equipment Buyback Incentives
  • Logistics Co-ordination

Let Wesbell help you reach your goals.  Call 1.888.WESBELL or email info@wesbell.com to arrange an individual consultation with a specialized technician.