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The design phase is crucial to project success, this is where the project is fully defined, the bugs addressed, and end goal fully defined. Our design engineers and fabrication team have the industry experience to guide you from concept to completion. Whether you need simple CAD drawings or full 3D project renderings to clearly see your project before the first member is cut, we’re there to support you. Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

  • At Wesbell with the support of our Engineering and drafting team we can assist you with defining your project and guiding it through from conception to completion. From an idea on a napkin through to the finished product.
  • Downtime on your projects is the enemy of profitability. We take that seriously and work hard, leveraging the technology available, to make it right the first time. To that end we have the best in-class CAD software from AutoCAD and TEKLA. Our CNC equipment is programmed using these systems to ensure your concepts are directly translated into your end product.
  • TEKLA Software enables us to fully model all your projects in 3D. This allows you to effectively see your product before fabrication begins. This also allows us to ensure there are no member clashes and the connections details throughout your design are compatible and issue free. These filed feed our drill lines and plasma tables for complete accuracy from the first cut.

Contact us at steelquotes@wesbell.com, let’s talk about your project.