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Originally founded in 1964 as Wesbell Transport via a partnership between M.J. Campbell and Westmount Moving and Storage, the company addressed the growing need to provide specialized transportation and distribution services to the communications industry.

Today, The Wesbell Group of Companies Inc. is a privately held Canadian company with Wesbell Technologies as it’s primary line of business.  From inception, The Wesbell Group of Companies Inc. has maintained its reputation of customer service excellence amongst its clients.

The Wesbell Group of Companies Inc. has developed a strategy to leverage its core competencies by targeting burgeoning markets and cultivating strategic alliances with global expansion.

Mission Statement

The Management of each business unit of THE WESBELL GROUP OF COMPANIES INC. shall strive to provide Customer Service Excellence without compromise to the expectations of our Customers, to the health and welfare of our Employees, or to the Environment of the world in which we all live.

Core Values

The Wesbell Group of Companies Inc. prides itself on achieving excellence in what it feels are the three core areas of business success; customer service, our people and environmental responsibility.  We feel that by focusing on and perfecting these aspects of our business, we are able to provide the best experience possible to each of our clients.

Customer Service and Performance Excellence
Wesbell is focused on customer service excellence and is committed to going beyond the call to satisfy our client’s needs each and every time we are given an opportunity to do so.  Wesbell will continually strive to improve all aspects of its company, as individuals and as a team.  By understanding our customer’s needs and expectations, while consistently working to innovate and improve our services and processes, we will always be one step closer to becoming the best in customer service and performance excellence in our respective industries of telecommunications, logistics and quality assurance.

Our People
Wesbell employees are all part of a team that is committed to working together to enhance the quality of our work.  By sharing ideas, technologies and talents, the company can establish a solid foundation from which to build off of and grow.  The success of Wesbell is a result of the effort of each individual at every level of the organization.  In addition to hiring the best candidates, we offer on-going training, as well as numerous challenges and opportunities to our employees to ensure that our team remains at the forefront of their field.  Our structure supports employee growth and we in turn receive an unprecedented level of productivity and commitment.

Environmental Responsibility

Wesbell Investment Recovery is ISO 14001 certified in both Canada and the United States and vigilantly maintains a compliant Environmental Management System to safeguard our employees and our environment.  Wesbell has implemented a zero landfill policy and strives to minimize environmental impact by reducing our contribution to municipal landfills by recycling all waste material whenever possible.  Wesbell maintains documented environmental objectives and targets that are measurable and consistent with Wesbell’s environmental policy, including Wesbell’s commitment to the prevention of pollution and continual process improvement